Banquet Rentals Guidelines

Client/Catering Rules & Regulations

Following is a List of Rules and Regulations that only licensed caterers must abide by when using the Carriage Room at Laurel Park:

1.         General Guidelines:

A.  Maryland Turf Caterers, Inc. will not permit the use of any of its kitchen or bar equipment.

B.  Catering vendor and Client must schedule a walk-through with and our sales coordinator at least 3 weeks prior to event.  At that time, Catering Vendor will submit the following items:

1)   Copy of Operators License
2)   Certificate of Insurance for $1 million naming Maryland Jockey Club as additional insured.
3)   Copy of menu and equipment to be used

C.  All deliveries for event must be scheduled (10) days in advance of event. 

D.  Operations: The Catering Vendor shall at its expense operate and staff its operation in conformity with all state, federal or local licensing requirements; comply with all laws; and maintain all necessary licenses and permits. Caterer employees shall be appropriately attired and well behaved. Caterer understands and agrees that MTC and Maryland Jockey Club of Baltimore City, Inc. (MJC) have the right to remove vendor and its agents from the premises if any of them acts in a manner unacceptable to MTC or MJC.

E.   The Catering Vendor is responsible for the safety and good order of all property owned by Maryland Jockey Club. Being displayed on premises, and is liable for property if it is lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced by vendor employees.  Only authorized Maryland Turf Caterers, Inc. or Maryland Jockey Club personnel shall operate the lighting, video or sound equipment.  Vendor will be responsible for replacement and repairs of any equipment, which is altered or tampered with by the vendor in any way.

F.   The Maryland Jockey Club is not responsible for the loss, theft or damage of property belonging to vendors, its agents or employees.  The Maryland Jockey Club assumes no responsibility for equipment or material supplied by vendor or another party.

2.         Set-Up:

A.  The caterer is responsible for assigning sufficient staff to accomplish set-up, breakdown and clean up for the event. Caterers are to provide their own dollies and/or hand trucks needed to deliver or remove items and equipment brought in for the function.  Caterers will load and unload only from the designated areas.

B.  Set-up may begin only with The Maryland Jockey Club approval.

C.  The caterer’s event supervisor must make him or herself known to The Maryland Jockey Club staff upon arrival.

D.  Vendor must enter and exit via the doors designated by The Maryland Jockey Club.

E.   No one except authorized The Maryland Jockey Club staff is permitted to move any work of art or furnishings of the Room.

F.   Food must be delivered to the facility ready to be served.

G.  The designated The Maryland Jockey Club staff member will have the authority to oversee vendor operations and to make corrective suggestions.

H.  The Maryland Jockey Club staff will assign preparation and staging areas for the event.

I.    Use only chafing dishes warmed by Sterno for preparation and serving of food.  No Propane, butane, or open flame (other than sterno) shall be used for this propose.  Frying is not permitted.

J.    Ice for servicing the event must be stored in watertight containers.

K.  Votive candles or tapers covered by hurricane globes may be placed on buffet tables. (Open Flame of any kind is prohibited.)

L. No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed to be dispensed.

3.         The Event:

A.  No one is allowed in the Maryland Jockey Club offices unescorted.

B.  The Carriage Room is a smoke-free facility and guests or vendor staff and/or employee shall allow no smoking in the room.

4.         Breakdown & Clean-Up:          

A.  Any areas used shall be left clean, subject to The Maryland Jockey Club staff inspection.

B.  Trash must be bagged and removed from premise.

C.  All equipment must be removed within an agreed upon time frame after the termination of the event.  Floral arrangements, decorations and other equipment supplied by outside vendors shall also be removed at that time.

D.  Maryland Jockey Club staff representative will take a final walk-through with the event supervisor to make sure The Carriage Room is returned to its original order.



Print out agreement, sign and return to:

Karen Weiss (Director of Sales and Catering)
Maryland Jockey Club
P.O. Box 130
Laurel, MD 20725
Fax 410-792-0873